Husband Hires Private Investigator And Finds Out His Wife Of 8 Years Is Cheating On Him

The saga went on for days.

(9:35am) 1/18/2015: Just woke up a while ago. Slept a bit longer than I expected. Freshened up quickly, etc. You know, I half expected this to all be a bad dream and Jenny to be sleeping right next to me when I woke up. Sadly, that isn’t the case. This is the worst I’ve felt since my parent’s and sister’s deaths. My brother is coming over very soon, he texted me “morning dude, what time should I come over”, I said half an hour.
PI updated me at 4:21am telling me that Jenny and Carly arrived at ground floor were sitting in the hotel lobby talking to each other. They were not up in their rooms. Carly was holding her head as if she was hung over. They returned back up to their room(s) at 4:56am. I still need to fast forward through the night footage. Now, I have to go make breakfast for me and my brother, I’ll be back. Hope you all are doing well today!

(9:44am) 1/18/2015: Ok, some people are calling me fake for a few reasons. The reason I’m calling Zack’s house a flathouse is because it is flat, one story.. I didn’t move from the UK as a kid or anything. Flat = 1 story house. I don’t know what kind of person some of you are picturing me as, but I’m not Zac Efron blowing millions everyday. If you saw me, you wouldn’t know how much I make, since I don’t spend much on unnecessary things like fancy clothes, $10000 watch, etc. Thank you all for the kind PMs, I’m trying to reply to as many as I can, but I’ll be fairly busy in about 15 minutes.

His brother made plans to come over so they could figure out what to do next.

(9:55am) 1/18/2015: My brother should be here in a few minutes, he’s picking up breakfast for us. I’ll post an update after we talk. it’ll take a while. Hopefully later I get more info or a sighting of Jenny and Co. This will be one of the worst conversations I have in my life, and it’s risky. If my brother freaks out, this whole situation could get fucked up, but if he’s calm, even better. He’ll be an ally.
Oh yeah, Jenny is due to come home sometime this afternoon/evening. Mixed feelings about it, still going over what I’m gonna tell her. Be back in a bit.
Also, don’t hesitate to send me a PM or comment because you’re afraid it’ll get buried. I read everything in my inbox. I’m still reading and will probably continue to go through my inbox after the meeting. Nervous about this meeting, should suck.

(11:11) 1/18/2015: Welp, I’ve learned my brother is not very good in a crisis. When he arrived, we ate and I told him about the whole cheating situation and how I have video. I showed him a screenshot of Jenny kissing Zack and Carly talking to the stranger at Starbucks. I showed him them hung over at the hotel, the texts, etc. He started to freak out. I was afraid he was gonna burn my house down. It took me a good 10 minutes to get him under control. But, he was suprisingly amazingly calm afterwards. It was like he had a short breakdown then went back to his normal state.

They decided to continue pretending like they didn’t know anything at all about both their wives cheating on them.

We talked over options and decided that we would each act like we didn’t know about our spouses cheating, like we were clueless. So I’ll act like my brother and Carly never said anything about Jenny, and my brother will act like I haven’t told him about Carly. It may or may not work, but we’re doing this to keep our spouses under control. The last thing we’d want is our spouses to come home and have a simultaneous freak out trying to damage-control. During the meeting, the PI texted me that they had gone down for food and all four of them were sitting at a table outside a restaurant. Jenny clearly had on male sunglasses, on of the guys brought it with them for their hangover and probably lent it to her. Either way, it was clear they were all in pain from their hangovers, except for the stranger. He seemed completely normal. They had their meal, and went back up to the hotel room.

I’m not sure why they didn’t use room service, maybe it’s because it’s so expensive. My brother and I watched them eating at the hotel. He just stared in horror, I guess realizing that his marriage was over. He cried his eyes out afterwards, I felt so bad for him. I made sure I wouldn’t cry, I would not let my emotions get the best of me and cloud my decision making. As of now, they are back up in their hotel rooms, I expect them to leave the hotel in an hour pr two, not much to do there all day other than hang out and…..have sex.

Jenny texted my brother “hey” last night at 1:19am, that’s it. He didn’t reply to her. Carly has not texted him yet. My brother is still here, calm and collected, watching TV as I use my computer. He doesn’t know about this Reddit post, not sure if I should tell him about it.
Now, me and my brother are waiting for them to make some moves, hopefully leave the hotel and show public displays of affection to cement our divorce cases. We still aren’t 100% sure Carly cheated at all, no picture or video proof other than her talking to a guy at Starbucks. Just a few more pictures and videos and we can stop this madness and get on with our divorce cases. He’s finding a lawyer tomorrow and will meet with one sometime this week. The mood in this house is so sad, I don’t like it one bit. Might have to take a walk or something.

(12:28pm) 1/18/2015: Sorry for not posting in an hour, but nothing has unfolded yet. My brother is still here, grieving, and I’m waiting for them to make some moves. They’re up and alert by now, we’ll see what happens.\

(12:37pm) 1/18/2015: They’ve left the hotel. Carly, Jenny, Stranger (let’s call him X), and Zack are in Jenny’s car. PI will tail as soon as the pull out.

(12:45pm) 1/18/2015: They’re heading towards a residential area filled with apartments. This is not the area where Zack lives. PI is having a hard time tailing since the area has quick left and right turns and he needs to stay a safe distance without letting them out of sight.

(12:50) 1/18/2015: This area is very close to the original shopping center. X must have walked to the shopping center from his house. X has been dropped off at his apartment, he briskly walked into the lobby. They have pulled away and are going somewhere else.

(12:56pm) 1/18/2015: They’re in Zack’s neighborhood. In the car it’s Jenny driving, Carly, and Zack. There were no public displays of affection between X and Carly, so my brother doesn’t have picture or video proof.

(1:05pm) 1/18/2015: Just my lucky day. Zack was dropped off at his flathouse and Jenny got out of the car followed him up the driveway. In plain sight, they passionately made out/kissed for 10-15 seconds, like a farewell kiss. Jenny then went back to the car and is driving again. That’s enough proof for my case. I’ve got:
Sexually suggestive texts
Sexual texts
Video and picture proof of them kissing and hanging out together.
Feels good that I now have more than enough proof. I’m devastated about what I’ve discovered. Hats off to the PI. Now me and my bro are watching where Carly and Jenny are going. It’s just them in the car now. My brothers case is still a mystery, what is Carly up to?

(1:15pm) 1/18/2015: They’re heading back to the original shopping center.

The women were supposed to be heading home but stopped at Starbucks to talk. Maybe planning out what they’d tell their husbands?

(1:20pm) 1/18/2015: They parked normally, and both of them are inside the Starbucks standing in line to order something. They’re talking to each other in line. They literally just ate two hours ago, don’t know why they are stopped here.

(1:24) 1/18/2015: They’re sitting at a table with coffee talking. Probably discussing what they’re going to tell me and my brother :/

(1:30pm) 1/18/2015: They’re still sipping coffee and talking. They may be here for a bit.

(1:40pm) 1/18/2015: They’re still drinking and talking. Since in my situation it is clear my spouse is cheating, my brother is helping me set up a few surveillance cameras with audio recording in the house. Thank you all for this advice, it will cement my case in the possibility she tries to say I did something to her (hit her, etc.) that I didn’t actually do. He seems to have cheered up a bit since we don’t have proof that Carly cheated at all, I mean, maybe Jenny had a threesome and Carly was just a witness? I’m not saying that’s what happened, but it’s always a possibility. We’ll just have to listen to what they tell us when they get home.

Speaking of when they return, what should I do? Play dumb? I don’t know how to react, I want to come out to her that I know about all this after my divorce lawyer meeting tomorrow, by then I’ll have all my ducks in a row. I hope she doesn’t come home and confess to me tonight, I’d rather wait ’till after my divorce lawyer meeting.
(1:49pm) 1/18/2015: Jenny texted me saying “Hey babe, you wanna watch a movie tonight? Your pick. ” I don’t know if this is related to any of this or if it’s just to throw me off. Dunno what I should say. Carly texted my brother saying “sorry for being MIA. I missed you ;)”

There are only three security cameras we’re putting up, and they’re going to be hidden well. She won’t be able to see them.

(1:56pm) 1/18/2015 Holy crap guys this is a throwaway account but thank you for the gold, makes it easy to view all the comments. Karma doesn’t matter to me since it’s a throwaway to all the people saying I’m making this up. If Jenny confesses to me, I’ll act surprised and I’ll only tell her about all this after I speak to my divorce lawyer tomorrow and he tells me what I should do. Thank you all for the advice. Now it’s a race to setup and hide the cameras. They are on their phones at the coffee shop still.
About the cameras, we’ve been talking about installing security cameras for a while anyways, for safety measures. That will count as consent.

(2:05PM) 1/18/2015: They’re still at the Starbucks, PI tells me Carly is nervously looking around again as if she’s restless. These aren’t official security cameras, just a few makeshift recording devices. I’d have to call a company to set up official cameras in and around my house, or It would take a few days as a DIY project.

(2:22pm) 1/18/2015: They’ve left the coffee shop. Both of them are in the car talking. So Zack and X are at home now, it’s just Jenny and Carly in their “girls night out”. Bastards.

(2:39pm) 1/18/2015: They’re on their way to the hotel again. Don’t know what they’re up to now. Possibly retrieving their things before coming home.

(2:47pm) 1/18/2015: They’ve arrived at the hotel. Instead of normally walking in, they clearly were in a hurry and lightly jogged/speed walked inside. Either they just wanted to walk faster, or they know somethings up. Jenny is talking on her cell phone standing outside the door of the hotel and Carly is waiting for her inside the lobby. Jenny isn’t calling me or my brother, so I don’t know who she’s talking to.
Already at the top of the TIFU front page wtf

(2:52pm) 1/18/2015: Jenny is still talking on the phone, Carly has joined her outside and they are taking turns talking. My brother is racing to get a couple cameras set up. This will be close.

(2:54pm) 1/18/2015: Friends called and asked if I’m still gonna join them to watch Football in a few hours, not sure if I should decline or continue. I’ll think it over.

(3:00PM) 1/18/2015: They got their bags and it looks like they checked out of the hotel. They’re in the car now getting ready to pull out. PI is getting ready to tail them if they drive off. To everyone asking how Carly texts, she has a replacement phone (Warranty).

He had the foresight to freeze their joint bank account.

(3:02pm) 1/18/2015: Bank came through and as requested yesterday afternoon, joint bank account is frozen. I will be notified about any withdraws from my personal account (in case info was stolen) for the next 2 weeks.

(3:07pm) 1/18/2015: I guess they love talking in coffee shops and in cars, because they’re still in the car talking. I don’t know who they were speaking to on the phone. I have the Seahawks-Packers game on TV to my left with brother watching, surveillance up on my right computer monitor and this post up on my left monitor, and checking phone for written updates from PI. This is getting hectic.

(3:15pm) 1/18/2015: They’ve pulled out of the hotel, isn’t clear where they’re going, PI is tailing. Brother is trying to hide the recorders.

(3:20pm) 1/18/2015: We only have two recorders in the house, we’ll need to run out and get one or two more. If Jenny and Carly drive home, we won’t have time. They are driving towards a familiar area, it includes a grocery store, a few buildings, and the gym I go to.

(3:23pm) 1/18/2015: It’s too risky to go out for more recorders, looks like we’ll just stay with the two that we have. They’re getting closer to the gym/grocery store area.

(5:44pm) 1/18/2015: Shit is going down. I can’t type for more than a minute right now. Nobody has gotten hurt or anything, just a lot of shit. I’ll update when I get the chance, maybe at my buddy’s place. I’m probably getting out of here to watch the game. This isn’t a pleasant place to be. I’m trying to get through this. Tears were shed, anger, grief, yelling, my goodness. Nothing physical at all.

(3:27pm) 1/18/2015: They’ve left the grocery/gym area, they could be heading home. They’re 20 minutes away, just in case they come here, what should we say?

(3:32pm) 1/18/2015: They’re on a route that leads here. I was prepared for this. I’m running programs that are wiping history and data off my phone and computer. This will take a few minutes. My brother and I are just acting like nothing is up and we’re watching the game before going to hang with some friends in a few hours.

(3:39pm) 1/18/2015: They’re definitely on their way here. Recorders are hidden, devices are being wiped, stories are being prepared. This is gonna be a shitty next few hours for me, but you guys will probably enjoy the update after we talk.

God I hope this goes smoothly.

(3:46pm) 1/18/2015: They’re pulling up to the house, they’re almost on the street. ~2 minutes away. Any replies to comments will be made through my phone, can’t update posts through mobile. I’ll update you guys after everything goes down, it’ll be a while. Bracing myself.

Damnnit they were supposed to come home at night when I was gone. They’re here. brb.

(5:49) 1/18/2015: Shit is going down. Nothing physical though. I can’t type for more than a minute or two, but it isn’t great. Yelling, anger, sadness, crying, a ton of crying, pleading, explaining, contradicting. This isn’t a great place to be right now. I’ll update when I’m at my buddy’s house, it’ll be a while. Sorry I couldn’t update sooner. Nobody is hurt at all. You guys are having a great time reading I bet, this is the worst time of my life

(5:51) 1/18/2015: Jenny is using the bathroom. I’ll quickly say the next update that I post at my friends house will be lengthy. And not very good. It went more or less as I expected. The lies I’ve been told in the past 2 hours, the lies.
I have to get out of here, it isn’t pleasant.