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19 Women Share The Weirdest Things That Turn Them On

11. AshleyMegan00 likes having the upper hand.

Trying to conceal their attraction toward me. Knowing that they find me attractive and slightly intimidating. I guess that relates to vulnerability. I went to the senior prom with this seemingly dorky guy because I worked with his mom and he needed a date. During our first slow dance I could feel that he had a boner. I didn’t say anything, just noticed it, but it turned me on so much even though I didn’t really find him attractive.

Also, I always went for the shy and quiet ones in the group.

12. Most people HATE what skylarlove0…sort of loves?

Tickling if it goes on for a period of time along with closeness. Usually my boyfriend does it to be silly but it either makes me want to stop because I don’t like tickling that much anyway, or to fuck.

13. Missykirgi must be a mess on first dates.

Being nervous, I’m not entirely sure how but a wire got crossed somewhere along my sexual journey and now when I get nervous I get sexually excited even though it’s usually really inappropriate timing.

14. Crazyladyscientist loves the electricity in the air.

I’ve posted this before, but thunderstorms. Something about that heavy electric feeling in the air, the tension before the storm, the actual power of the thunderstorm is a huge turn on.
I have no idea how sex and thunderstorms got linked together in my mind, but it happened sometime during college.

15. Wheresmypenandpaper is a chef’s dream.

When a man cooks for me i always want to jump him, it’s so sexy to me..

16. Lipsticknstockings likes it when her man gets down and dirty.

When my boyfriend changed my tire. He did it like it was nothing, it was so damn sexy.

17. M-grey is certainly not the first person to feel this way about a stick shift.

When a guy drives a stick shift car. I have no idea how to drive one but whenever he shifts into a new gear, there’s something oddly arousing about it.

18. Bloofan1995 likes rough hands. The skin on them, that is.

Dirty, rough, and calloused hands. Not filthy, just where he looks like he works with his hands for a living. Feeling calloused hands on my skin is enough to put me in a tizzy.

19. Spinstercatlady gets hungry for something different when she’s full from a meal.

Being full. It’s so weird, but after I’ve eaten a large-ish meal, I just like get this fluttery feeling and need to have sex. Unfortunately my boyfriend is the complete opposite.

EDIT: First of all, RIP my inbox. Second, didn’t expect this to get the response it did. Third, I don’t mean pass-out-switch-to-sweatpants full, I mean like I had a pleasant meal – satisfied, if you will.

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