There’s Facetune And Then There’s Whatever The Hell These People Are Doing (27 Fake Instagrams)

Social media apps like Instagram are powerful tools that let people present an idealized version of themselves to people far and wide, most of whom they’ve never met and are none the wiser.

While a bit of photographic enhancement or digital tweaking with something like Facetune isn’t considered a big deal, some people take the opportunity to present entirely faked versions of themselves.

This can involve extremely airbrushed faces, digitally re-sculpted booties, and more. When they take this deception too far, however, they sometimes get called out by people who just can’t take it anymore.

In fact, there’s an entire subreddit called r/Instagramreality dedicated to exposing these virtual frauds.

Basically the only time you can trust that #nofilter is really no filter is in the real world itself. But who spends any time there anymore?

Here are some examples of people who faked their Instagram pics and got called out.

1. This totally real family

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2. This totally real face

3. This very real waist-to-hip ratio

4. When you wake up airbrushed on Xmas morning

Instagram Reality

5. This beauty transformation

6. This actual nightmare vision

7. This healthy body image definitely not achieved with the Pinch tool…

8. This…alien makeover?

9. This totally legit sports car

10. This allegedly same person