The ‘Driving In’ Meme Is Roasting The Entire Country So Don’t Be Surprised If Your State Got Put On Blast

People on Twitter have been sharing  what it’s like to drive in their towns/cities/states, and they’re doing it through the best punctuation and Emoji-laden tweet format the world has ever seen.

According to knowyourmeme, it was Twitter user @fauxroxy who kicked off the trend early this week with her tweet about “driving in Kansas” and passing a billboard with the phrase “ABORTION IS MURDER. EAT BEEF.”

And according to the rest of Twitter, sin-related billboards abound in America. Is your ~place of residence~ on this list? Agree Y/N?

1. Alabama:

2. Alabama, again:

3. Arizona:

4. Arkanasas:

5. Los Angeles, California:

6. Florida:

7. Florida, again:

8. Florida, one more time:

9. Orlando, Florida:

10. Atlanta, Georgia:

11. South Georgia:

12. Chicago, Illinois:

13. Illinois, generally:

14. Indiana:

15. Iowa:

16. Kentucky:

17. New Orleans, Louisiana:

18. Louisiana, generally:

19. Maine:

20. Western Maryland:

21. Massachusetts:

22. Michigan:

23. Mississippi:

24. Montana:

25. Las Vegas, Nevada:

26. Once more:

27. Ohio:

28. Oklahoma:

29. Oregon:

30. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:

31. Pennsylvania:

32. Puerto Rico:

33. Austin, Texas:

34. Once more:

35. San Antonio, Texas:

36. Houston, Texas:

37. North Texas:

38. Utah:

39. Tacoma, Washington:

30. Tacoma, again:

31. West Virginia:

32. Wyoming:

33. And, finally, driving in ~the midwest~

h/t BuzzFeed