Being A Ballerina Looks, Umm, Hard (15 Pics)

Ballet is an undeniably stunning art form and though the most talented ballerinas make it look effortless, we know there are hours upon hours of work put into every precise movement and routine.

These photos are documented proof of all the blood, sweat and tears dancers pour into their art. Take a look for yourself and you’ll probably end up feeling both impressed and wildly terrified of these kickass ballerinas. We sure are.

1. There’s no denying that ballet is magical.

2. And though ballerinas make it look effortless…

3. It’s far from easy.

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10 Awesome Ballet Dance Photos

5. Not to mention, some seriously intense pelvic stretching.

Power splits – ballerinas are tough. from WTF

6. So that you can do things like this.

Awesome Ballet Dance Photos

7. Hours of practice will make you unbelievably strong.

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8. I mean, look at those calves.


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9. You’re practically a human spinning top.

10. Or a graceful butterfly.

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