29 Pictures You Should Definitely See If You’re Thinking About Cheating

16. Sarah, the cheater caught red-handed

17. This ex-wife letting the whole neighborhood know why she’s leaving

18. This cheater’s car that’s pretty much destroyed

19. This cheater kicked out of the house

20. This clever card to a no-good cheater

21. This cheater who was pretty much caught naked

22. This tattoo artist who got the best revenge on his cheating girlfriend

23. This crafty master of bleach

24. This cheater who won’t be taking the boat out very soon

25. This punished cheater

26. The cheating husband with a sign-making wife

27. This very specific and grammatically incorrect cheater tattoo

28. The owner of this new paint job

29. This cheater whose wife took out a newspaper ad

h/t: Texts From Last Night