Kendall Jenner’s Real Skincare Routine Proves She’s A Shameless Scammer

When it comes to Kendall Jenner and the entire Kardashian clan, they will do just about anything for a dollar. Let’s be realistic, the entire family is worth over a billion dollars. But, how did they get there? Aside from Kim Kardashian’s sex tape and their TV show, the family banks it with endorsement deals, club appearances, and brand deals. Kris Jenner knows how to milk that industry dollar tree and will make damn sure she gets that 10% on every. single. contract.

Let’s just look through the Kardashian/Jenner Instagram #ad slots, shall we?

Flat Tummy shakes:

Teeth whitening kits:

Hair vitamins:

Tooth brushes:

Need I say more? The Kardashians and Jenners usually will do anything to make some paper—even if they support products that are unhealthy/do not work. So, when Kendall Jenner stepped out supporting an acne medication we almost forgot about—our heads turned.

First of all, Kris Jenner and the entire business family made it out to be that Kendall had some “big announcement.” The video was morbid and weird AF.

Then, before you know it, Proactiv—yes, the acne medication from the 2000s that celebs like Justin Bieber were supporting—said that Kendall was the “new face” of the company.

Yeah, the new face of acne medication.

We know that Kendall has struggled with acne and skin conditions in the past, as people have made fun of her for globbing on the concealer on the red carpet. But, does she really use Proactiv? Absolutely not. In fact, Kendall has been outspoken about undergoing different kinds of treatment for her skin. The proof?

According to an investigation from W Magazine:

In a 2015 post on her now-defunct namesake app, Jenner described how acne had “completely ruined my self-esteem” until she began working with her “incredible dermatologist” and undergoing Laser Genesis treatments, which left her “acne-free for about three years now.” The same year, Kylie told The New York Times, “My sister Kendall had really bad acne when she was younger, and [Kidd] really cleared it up. I thought, ‘Well, if she cured Kendall, I should start to visit her.'” And just last year, Kidd spoke to W about the skincare regimen she’d prescribed for Jenner, consisting of several of her own CK Perfect Skin products, which aren’t available anywhere outside of her Beverly Hills office, let alone via infomercial.

Hello, Kendall, it’s me, honesty—pick up the damn phone.

Twitter, of course, is here—guns blazing—ready to call Kendall on her sh*t.

Yeah, girl, it’s a no from me.