Birdie, The Saddest Cat In Existence, Broke Our Collective Hearts So Much That Chrissy Teigen Vowed To Adopt Her

Every now and then, there comes a story that starts off so heart-breaking and sad that I’m not sure I’ll have the mental fortitude to see it through. Such was the case when all of Twitter gave a unified sob upon learning about Birdie, a rescue cat with an incredible sense of style who just wanted to find a home, but was losing hope.

@McNarnia saw the original post on LifeLine Animal Project’s Facebook page and felt that same sinking feeling of despair we all would.

The post went into detail about how Birdie hosted a brunch in the hopes of finding a home, but that no one wanted to adopt her. This is beyond “Sad Papaw” levels of depressing.


Just look at this beautiful angel in her finest brunch attire, waiting to greet her guests. How could someone not instantly bring her home?

Birdie’s brunch has begun and she is dressed her best, hoping her perfect match will adopt her today! Adoption fees are waived at our Cat Adoption Center today! Come enjoy Revolution Doughnuts, Banjo Cold Brew Coffee, and meet your new BFF at Brunch With Birdie!

Posted by LifeLine Animal Project on Sunday, April 28, 2019

I can’t stress enough how devastated this cat looks when she realizes she still doesn’t have a new home.

Naturally, hundreds of people spread the word about Birdie. Everyone had to give this cat a home and were vying for the honor of doing so.

Even Chrissy Teigen put her hat in the Birdie ring.

Unfortunately for Chrissy, someone else is going to be graced by Birdie’s presence.

And Birdie could not be more ready. Look. At. Her. Hat.

Birdie’s new home comes courtesy of Nicole, who promises that Birdie will have plenty of windows to watch her namesakes.

And while we’re all very excited for Birdie and her new life, we’re reminded that there are thousands and thousands of cats out there in your local animal shelters right now, who are just like Birdie.

h/t: Twitter