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These Cats Ringing Bells For Treats Is The Greatest Video On The Internet

ATTENTION: This is the greatest video on the Internet.

Yes. The ENTIRE Internet. All of it.

I just came across this video not too long ago and I’ve already watched it 147 times.

I plan to watch it another 147 as soon as I’m done getting this all written up and posted for you.

Do yourself a favor and watch it at least 147 times.

It truly is the greatest video on the Internet. Any argument otherwise is completely invalid.

If these were my cats, I would be feeding them every second of every day forever and ever.

(via: ねこナビ編集部@VR動画公開中ねこナビ編集部@VR動画公開中)

Next up: Proof your cat is only pretending to like you for your croissant.