There’s A Facebook Group Dedicated To Crappy Wildlife Photos (35 Pics)

When you think of wildlife photography you think of amazing pictures. Wildlife photographers are some of the best photographers in the world.

However, just because you took a picture of wildlife doesn’t mean it’s good. Crappy wildlife photos are not just a thing, they’re enough of a thing that there’s an entire Facebook group for it called Crap Wildlife Photography.

1. I Took This Picture Of A Carpenter Bee Last Summer

2. I Was In The Middle Of A Zoom When I Noticed This Bastard

3. Timed My Shot Perfectly. *sigh*

4. Didn’t Know I Was Playing The Sims

5. Tried To Get A Spread Wings Shot…

6. I Went Out To The Balcony To Photograph The Birds, But Instead Photographed A Fish…

7. Realizing I’d Made A Mistake

8. Owl

9. When You Have An Encounter With A Rare Predator But Get Photobombed By A Magpie

10. Courtesy Of My Dad And His Ancient Phone… Little Owl Eating Lunch