Let’s All Just Watch This Dog’s Hilarious Sneeze For The Rest Of The Day

I don’t know about you, but I could always go for some quality laughs and boy, does this video deliver.

Meet Maggie, the dog with an epic and hilarious sneeze. Here’s what her owner had to say about it:

“Maggie, my 19-year-old rat terrier, woke me up early this morning with the most epic sneezing fit I’ve ever seen. Managed to catch the end of it on video (sorry for vertical). She’s had some vestibular problems the past few years, so I’m holding her to keep her from slamming her old head into the floor with every sneeze.

For those wondering, she’s fine now. No more sneeze fits since!”

So let’s all drop whatever we’re doing and watch this funny dog sneezing over and over again.

(via: Logan Lemmon)

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