Literally Just 24 Cool Dinosaur Facts


“Tyrannosaurus Rex and Stegosaurus were evidently never on the planet together. They are separated by millions of years.” –WorkSafeUSERname


“When the T-Rex attacks the kids in the Jeep, the glass was supposed to break. Instead, the entire pane fell on the kids as a thousand pound animatronic pushed it down on them. Their screams of terror in that scene are real.” –YodasChick-O-Stick


Therizinosaurus was a large, bipedal herbivore that occupied an ecological niche akin to that of the giant ground sloths of the Pleistocene: using its meter-long claws to pull down tree branches. It looked goofy as hell, like an eight-meter long turkey, especially since it was likely to have had at least some feathery integument. The real kicker? It was a cousin of T. rex. Yes, that guy. One of the most terrifying carnivores ever to walk the earth had a vegetarian Edward Scissorhands for a cousin. And, yes, it likely used those scythe-like claws for defense, too.” –LFMR


“When you are looking for dinosaur bones you can tell the difference between a fossil and a rock by touching your tongue to it. If it “sticks” a bit and kinda sucks back it is porous and probably bone.” –Down-the-Hall-

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