The List Of Things This Dog Was Barking At Today Is All Over The Place

There are two types of dogs in this world. There are dogs who are completely and totally chill. The kind of dog you can take to the library without worrying that it will start barking and you’ll get shushed. Why you’re taking a dog to the library is beyond me, but you get the point. The other type of dog is the dog with no chill whatsoever who will bark at just about anything and everything eventually getting your library card revoked (still not sure why you’re bringing dogs there). The dog picture below seems to be one of those non-stop barkers, so its owners decide to do a little shaming by posting a photo of the pup with the ridiculous things it barked at. Let’s take a look at this list of reasons this dog was barking today:

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I mean, I get the Russell Crowe thing if it was “Les Misérables” on TV. If I was this dog, I’d just assume that my owners would much rather hear my yapping than Russell Crowe’s  yawn-singing or whatever it was he was attempting in that movie.

(via TheFlyingPigSquadron)

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