Woman Saw “Her Dog” In The Clouds, Now Others Are Sharing Signs They’ve Received After Beloved Pets Passed Away (16 Pics)

The loss of a pet is incredibly painful. Pets are daily companions, who we care for, get affection from, and share our homes with. Often our routines are built around their routines. Saying goodbye is incredibly hard, especially when we have to make the choice to let them go.

Twitter user @LLedgeway shared a story about how her dog passed away on June 20th, just before they planned to bring her to the vets to have her put down. It was devastating, but later that day while she was crying about her loss, she looked up at the sky and saw a cloud formation that reminded her of her late pup:

It’s a touching story, but her tweet started to really go viral when more and more people chimed in to say they had similar experiences after the loss of their pets. Many of them saw a sign from their deceased pet in the sky, just like the original tweet described.

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via Twitter/@LLedgeway

Others found signs in their homes and around them or even in dreams that felt like final goodbye from the pets they’d loved so much. It’s a beautiful idea and comforting in a moment of grief. And after reading this many stories, I’m starting to really believe it: