Bridezilla Asks For Free Wedding In Return For “Instagram Exposure,” But Doesn’t Even Have Instagram

On the subreddit r/ChoosingBeggars, you can see examples of the most entitled, obnoxious people in the world trying to get stuff they in no way deserve, then complaining when it’s not exactly right. It’s often kind of a sad place, but occasionally, there’s someone so deluded it becomes entertaining. This screenshot shared by u/AntsNMyEyes is a perfect example.

The long Facebook post from a newly-engaged woman begins, “As you know me n David afe getribg married!” which is not an auspicious start.

“Soon I will be Mrs. David ____, can you believe it? I can lol I deserve it!”

She then says that her fiancé’s godmother has offered her estate in Maine for the wedding ceremony, and it’s supposedly a historical landmark, which makes the whole event “historic.”

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She then says that because the wedding is out of state and they’re planning a monthlong honeymoon in Dubai, they need some help with the “wedding stuff.” This in itself isn’t too crazy, except for the month in Dubai stuff. People often ask their friends and family for help with wedding stuff. But this bride’s definition of stuff is “all of it.”

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First, she asks for help finding a professional photographer, specifying she doesn’t want a hobbyist.

And the photographer should do it for free consider it their gift to the couple, and should be footing the bill for their own travel to Maine.

“I think once you saw where the wedding is at you’d be begging US for the opportunity,” she says to all her professional photographer friends, who are probably screaming in front of their computers as they read this.

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She’s looking for a caterer to cater the wedding FOR FREE. I’m sorry, she actually will be paying in exposure, and assures readers she will be starting an Instagram “soon.” This lady doesn’t even have an Instagram account, forget about the number of followers she would need to attract any free stuff at all. No Instagram account at all!!!

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She also promises to share her free dress made by a designer willing to turn her into a “princess” that she will be sharing pictures on Facebook and her no-existent Instagram account:

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And finally, everything else from flowers to literal chairs and tables to a full orchestra, because this princess doesn’t want a DJ. She’s too classy.

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“See y’all in June!” she concludes, not realizing she’ll never see any friends again.

This post is so ludicrously entitled and myopic, it feels better to assume it’s fake. But the comments on the original post are still there, and people on Reddit certainly still took it seriously.

“Now we’re getting our exposure on credit? Wow,” EatSleepJeep wrote.

Redditor Roguetroll explained that this woman can’t even get exposure credits in her stated, writing, “Don’t worry, I have her application for a credit card right here and I’m about to shred it. Who does this woman think she is… Our website of First Bank Of Exposure clearly states you need to have a follower score of at least 50 to apply. You can’t even get the Bronze Card, which comes with free services from all professionals that have started a year ago or later, with that kind of followers.”

The OP did share screenshots that are supposedly of the comments on this post, and it turns out David is just a high school principal, not a Kennedy.


The bride has apparently deleted the entire post, as she wasn’t getting the kind of feedback she wanted. That’s the dark side of too much exposure.

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