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24 People Describe The Most Awkward Date They’ve Been On

You might not remember your first date. You were both probably awkward and nervous. It might have not been very notable.

What you definitely will remember is the worst date you’ve ever been on. That person you met online who looked nothing like their pictures, tried to skip out on the bill, or told you he was against women’s rights on the first date. They stick with you forever.

Well, people on Twitter are describing their most awkward dates they’ve been on and they all sound incredibly horrible. If you’re looking at this thinking, “All of my dates have gone pretty well, but I usually don’t get a second one,” then I have some bad news for you buddy. 


2. That’s how he expresses his feelings

3. Great communication already.

4. Maybe just reschedule. 

5. Let’s not involve your dad here. 

6. How do I unread this.

7. Looks like they’re going to pay or I am. 

8. Honestly? A power move. 

9. You’re stuck with him now. 

10. Was it his sister? 

11. Poor guy. 

12. We can tell you like it. 

13. This is not sexual tension. I just hate you. 

14. I’ve been there. 

15. So maybe no second date? 

16. Mother of the year. 

17. What a clown.

18. Barnes and Noble is a notoriously horny bookstore.

19. So it was both of you. 

20. A crop dust deserves a ghost.

21. This poor guy. 

22. Check please! 

23. Honey your room smelled bad I promise. 

24. This feels like foreshadowing.