15 Screenshots From July 2022 That Might Just Make You Cringe

Sometimes… and I may lose my millennial card for this… but sometimes… Maybe we just shouldn’t share that on social media?

Because once you post something, woof, it’s OUT THERE and y’all, not everything we say deserves to live in the annals of history on our social pages. To that end, I’ve rounded up 15 images from around the internet that really make my insides crawl.

1. What the actual F, bud?

jesseplemmons / Reddit

2. Jesus, chill.

LordLockedPlock / Reddit

3. Trying to use Google reviews to get a date

sactrouser / Reddit

4. Not just once, not just twice…

sactrouser / Reddit


sactrouser / Reddit

6. Peace.

JoleenSkip / Reddit

7. Sure, this happened

fortheloveofvoltron / Reddit

8. “Female”.

Whole-Amount-2924 / Reddit


RebVixen /Reddit

10. Why would you say that?

balamusia / Reddit

11. Dude, no.

12. Wingman

13. Uh, I do not

14. 2 Days.

15. Oh, friend.