Chivalry Is Dead (20 Cringey Texts From Bros)

Dating can be complicated, but you know what’s not complicated? Not being a total creep to women on the internet. It is absolutely free to be kind and respectful but unfortunately, these people chose to make women feel uncomfortable by sending them cringey text messages.

1. At least he’s honest.

2. Interesting take. 

3. What do you even say to this? 

4. Let’s all take a deep breath here.

5. I’m seeing a pattern here.

6. Please stop describing actions. 

7. Why are you so sweaty? 

8. The timestamps are killing me.

9. This is embarrassing. 

10. What year is it?

11. How small are you?

12. That happened quickly. 

13. Guess I’m a “birch” then. 

14. Please back away. 

15. This acquaintance needs to be blocked too. 

16. Please go away now. 

17. Why would you think I was serious? 

18. Too many actions man. 

19. Timone and Pumba are so ashamed. 

20. Block him. 

Hannah Riley

Hannah Riley a comedy writer and content editor with ADHD living in Seattle, Washington.