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Cousin ‘Ruins’ Christmas By Gifting OnlyFans Coupons To Her, Umm, Family?

While there is no question that sex work is real work, “gifting” discount codes for one’s OnlyFans account to your relatives’ significant others at a family gathering is an…interesting choice, and one that u/OFChristmasDisaster shared to the True Off My Chest subreddit after her cousin “ruined” Christmas.

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“I come from a big family. Our holidays involve extended family like second cousins etc. My fiancé and I are in our mid-twenties and there are a lot of cousins in their 20s and 30s,” she wrote. “Last night we had our big Christmas party. It was fun to see everyone until it was time to exchange presents. My cousin Anna (not her real name) hands out pink envelopes to all the 20s and 30s men who have married/dated into the family. My fiancé received one and quickly put it in his pocket after opening it. I was distracted opening my gifts and didn’t ask to look at it.”

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u/OFChristmasDisaster went on:

“About 20 minutes later, my cousin Rachel (again, not a real name) pulls me aside and says Anna is giving out cards with instructions on how to get a discount subscription to her OF. Rachel’s bf got one of the pink cards and showed Rachel because he was weirded out.”

“I’m pissed at this point because I suspect my fiancé’s card also has an OF discount so I ask to talk with him and he denies getting a card from Anna. I tell him, “I saw her hand you one, and I watched you put it in your pocket.” I go to grab his pocket and he suddenly “remembers” getting a card but claims he didn’t open it. I take it from him, and of course, it’s already opened, and of course, it’s about f*cking only fans.”

“I go back inside to confront Anna and find her already arguing with a different cousin who is upset because her husband has already tried looking at Anna’s page,” u/OFChristmasDisaster continued. “Anna claims she’s just trying to get her business off the ground and no one appreciates all the hard work and skills it takes to be successful in a digital career. She says her gift is not sexual, it’s just marketing.”

Full original post:

OP said, “Some of the older relatives (aunts and uncles) are starting to take sides too but they’re mostly really confused about what’s going on. Anna’s mom started crying because of something I said and my mom tried to get me to apologize, which pissed me off more.”

“At this point, I leave with my brother and his husband, because I don’t want to spend the night with my fiancé at home, and I don’t feel like going with my parents when my mom is pressuring me to apologize. Oh, and surprise surprise, Anna didn’t give my brother’s husband a card, so make of that what you will about the intent behind her gift,” she noted.

“I’m seriously considering calling off the engagement over this, and I’m pissed at my cousin for ruining both Christmas and my relationship.”

Folks online were not impressed with Anna’s “marketing” efforts.