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16 Posts That Are Equal Parts Sad And Cringe

Everyone’s had a mortifying experience and when it happens over text, Snapchat, or anywhere else online it can be screenshot and shared with the masses. That’s what the subreddit r/SadCringe is all about. And folks? These posts are definitely both sad and cringe. Buckle up and get ready to say “oof,” “yikes,” and “yeesh” roughly 16 times.

1. Probably his worst nightmare too

2. Ok but why not a real bday dinner?

3. Points for brutal honesty

4. This woman sounds like a joy

5. Communication is key

6. She said you were cool!

7. Classic blunder

8. This seems abusive

9. WTF

10. Brutal

11. Who wants to talk on the phone anyway

12. The chips are all laid out :'(

13. Never a good sign

14. Money that would be better spent on therapy

15. Ok that was unnecessary

16. A real horror story