Don’t Lie On Social Media And You Won’t Get Caught (33 Pics)

People like to flex on social media and that’s okay. Showing off is pretty much what social media was designed for, but these people took it a little too far and got caught and were called out for it. 

The term “caught in 4k” is used when these people are caught red-handed through screenshots of deleted posts, or pictures and videos clearly showing them doing something wrong and lying on social media. So if you’re going to flex on social media, just know that there’s a pretty good chance someone will catch you if you’re lying. 

Tread carefully! 

1. So exciting they found each other again! 

2. How exciting he got the exit row. 

3. If a woman sends you a clothing item, say you love it. 

4. This guy is terrible at not getting caught. 

5. Oh honey, delete the pic. 

6. She was called out and deleted it. 

7. The worst photoshopping I’ve ever seen.

8. Huh? 

9. I’ll just set up my furniture. 

10. Sandra, you forgot to delete your first pic.

11. “Our”?! 

12. Everyone wants a stimmy, just admit it. 

13. It’s a pretty cool plate. 

14.  It doesn’t feel like a joke…

15. Bread and salad! Nice! 

16. That can’t be a good thing…

17. Not Bow Wow too…

18. At least she was honest.

Hannah Riley

Hannah Riley a comedy writer and content editor with ADHD living in Seattle, Washington.