22 Guys Reveal ‘Girly’ Habits They’re Not Ashamed To Admit They Enjoy

Let me start by saying it’s 2019. There are no manly or “girly” or “manly” habits. Most of us by now know or have known a feminine man or a masculine woman, and there’s a whole spectrum in-between. 

Cutting yourself off from a certain product or activity simply because historically it hasn’t aligned with your gender is shortsighted and quite simply put, you’re probably missing out.

Reddit user u/siverbern2000 asked other men to reveal the “girly” habits they enjoy and to my delight, lots of men unabashedly shared them in detail. So, as long as it isn’t hurting anyone, do what makes you happy.


“My gf got me to join her for a pedicure once, I wear steel toe boots a lot. Sit in a massage chair? Yes please. Soak my feet in a little jacuzzi tub? Sure why not. Foot massage after a 8 hour work day in steels? Damn right I’m in. – u/ReshiWaystone


“Skincare routines. I haven’t really been in a comprehensive one for a while but tbh I low key love doing scrubs and facemasks. – u/edgar_allen_bro

“More guys really need to pick this up. I exfoliate once a week, use face wash every morning and night followed by moisturizer. It really does keep it clear. – u/DesiCalgarian


“I crochet which had been called girly, but there’s definitely guys who do it too. I should add that I’m mod for /r/brochet and anyone interested is more than welcome to stop in. The rules say you don’t have to be a guy to be a bro, but there are plenty sharing stuff they’ve made.” – u/mattreyu


“I enjoy it when my wife lets me borrow her fancy hair treatments and while they are in our hair we enjoy having a lovely gossip like we are in a salon. – u/cardboardshrimp


“Knitting. This motherfucker can knit a scarf so hard. I can just sit down and knit that shit. No idea how to knit anything but a scarf tho… – u/deformedfishface


“Sewing. Does OP want a quilt? because too bad, only manly stuff comes from these two hands, like tea cozies and mittens. – u/A_bad_poem_for_free

“When my brother in law was in Afghanistan his wife gave birth to their first son. Before the birth I made a baby quilt with under armor material on one side and Airman Battle Uniform material on the other. I even got a nametape with the baby’s name. I did all the sewing. I called it multilayer fabric welding. – u/dev_c0t0d0s0


“I select the “For Women” category in porn sites. – u/ProfessorK-OS


“I’ve started to love scented candles over the last year. They just freshen up the smell of your home so much and make nestling down into a good book all the better! Noticed that my female friends houses often smelled nice. Decided to replicate! – u/Mintyboy4


“I fucking love flowers. I like them all. Theres a bunch of little purple and white ones that grow all over my yard. I cant remember the name but it makes me want to not mow the grass. I just planted some roses infront of my house. 🙂 – u/dshall2727

“I’ve went for scent based all seasons garden over the last few years, with some herbs/fruiting plants and just starting on the veg. My garden looks and, during spring and summer, smells amazing as well as giving me delicious fruits, veg and herbs. Plus all the birds and insects small animals who seem to love it too, it just makes me so happy. I feel much closer to nature and I feel like it gives me a satisfaction in my soul that was missing before. – u/Lindoriel


“I bake quite often, cookies, pies, squares, tarts.. Always wear an apron so I don’t get flour on my clothes. Allegedly that’s kinda feminine. – u/Patentabyss87


“In the morning if my face is a little puffy, I’ll put on an icepack while doing my stomach crunches. – u/Moodymongrel


“I have stuffed plush on my bed. Three of them. I’m 6-4 and have a beard and half covered in tattoos and work in a metal shop and I really enjoy laying in bed with my stuffed Triceratops sitting on my head as I watch Game of Thrones. I also really enjoy skipping but I would be far too embarrassed to actually do it in public. – u/tweak0


“My girlfriend is a kickass, hardworking lawyer, and since my job is way less stressful and I get off work an hour earlier than her I like to come home, clean the place, make dinner, and gather the kiddos (a cat and two bunnies) to greet her when she gets home from work. It makes me so happy! – u/Electronic_Syndicate


“Dressing in pastels. My girlfriend loves it and its a massive boost to my confidence. Apparently its feminine to wear a pink pastel shirt, khakis and drink a mojito with a bunch of your coworkers on game night. – u/Scuffedmountain


“A solid moisturizing routine. Shit is bomb. I find my self just rubbing my face because it’s so god damn smooth. 10/10 would recommend. – u/askmewhyihateyou


“Having my feet straight up in the air when lying on my stomach. – u/mushtamush


“Bubble baths. I work in manual labor and I don’t give a dang what someone says. When you bust your ass all day long there’s nothing better than sitting in a bubble bath with a beer in hand. Highly recommend. Even scented bubbles are awesome. – u/BitznPiecez


Crying at emotional parts of movies eg when Alfred starts crying at end of dark knight rises. – u/TheLegendaryStag


“I prefer laying my head down on my girl’s chest rather than the other way around. The way I see it, she’s the one with pillows on her chest. – u/LordDimmadome


“Short crying sessions watching touching videos on youtube at home alone when I’m drunk. Usually abused animal recovery videos or adult children doing special things for their parents. – u/Arahonoj


“Girly drinks are super good. I don’t want to have to shudder when Im drinking something because of bad tasting alcohol, and I’m not financially in a place to be buying $30+ bottles and handles. Believe me, I know how good straight, old rum can be. – u/cubedude719


“Being the small spoon. – u/terminal_lumbago

h/t: reddit