25 People Reveal The Darkest Family Secrets They’ve Ever Uncovered


Not sure if this is dark but my mom cheated on my “dad” before I was born and here I am 20 years old just finding out the man I thought was my biological dad for 20 years isn’t my real dad. They both knew this (my dad didn’t know I wasn’t his until I was about 14) and thought it would be a good idea to never tell me about it. I actually ended up finding this out from my brother a month ago. Never brought it up to my mom or “dad” though.



My pro-life, racist conservative aunt had an abortion after sleeping with a married man who already had kids. He was only one of many married men she slept with back in the day. I also learned she was caught stealing money from a safe by the second mistress of one of the men she was seeing at the time. She also had a first husband that the whole family kept secret. And she cheated on her second (current) husband the week before and after their marriage with the same man she had her abortion for. She’s the first person to judge someone else and used to constantly accuse her daughter (the nicest “good” girl I know) of stealing her “husband” (my cousins DAD). My aunt makes Christmas fun.



I had an uncle that committed suicide.

He and my aunt got into a big fight. They were laying in bed and he said “I’m leaving you.” Went to the garage and shot himself in the head. The whole family acts like that didnt happen and he just passed in his sleep.



Was watching forensic files and discovered my aunt, who I’ve never met because of family disputes, was raped and the DNA evidence solved a murder.

Only figured it out because of our very distinct last name.



My grandparents would’ve had a sixth child but my grandmother miscarried. She went into a horribly painful labor and my grandfather was terrified. He phoned the doctor, who refused to leave town to drive to their farm because he was listening to a hockey game on the radio and didn’t want to miss any of it. Grandma miscarried and it was a loud, tortured and bloody affair. My mom’s sister heard the ruckus in the living room of their tiny farmhouse and got out of bed to see what was going on. When my grandfather saw her standing at the door of the living room, he lurched across the room violently, gave her a hard smack across the face and yelled at her to go back to bed. My grandparents never mentioned the incident again. My mom and her siblings believe my grandfather buried the stillborn baby somewhere on their farm.



My ex step dad was addicted to crystal meth for a long time and hid it well. He managed to keep his job as a driver for a very famous three letter delivery company. I also learned that the “gifts” people gave him on his delivery routes were most likely stolen. When i got older I started to realize people dont tip delivery drivers with 500 dollar compound bows.



My mom’s sister had an affair with their 1st cousin for quite a while.



My uncle tried to rape my mother (his sister, mind you) when she was six months pregnant with me. She was 19 at the time and only stopped him because she had her shotgun within reach. My grandparents defended my uncle. Later on in life, he was convicted and sent to prison for molesting several children all under the ages of 13. My family always had told me he was in prison for hunting deer out of season, but I saw through that after about age 8. No one would tell me anything until I turned 18.



My grandfather killed my grandmother (while she was pregnant with my dad and his twin) by pushing her off of a hay loft. My grandfather hated his 16 children and made serious attempts to kill some of them. He regularly threatened to, “load you up in the truck, and drive you guys into the river.” He burned my dad’s hand on the stove when he was 2 years old. He also slammed my uncle’s head on the dining room table so hard that he cracked his skull. These were just a few of the things my dad told me about my grandfather. My dad doesn’t really like to talk about him much. The memories cause him a lot of pain, understandably.



When my mother died, I found out my uncle is really my dad.