People Are Sharing All The Tiny Little Things That Piss Them Off Instantly

What is about the little things that go wrong that makes us so very angry? True, we get angry at the big things, too, but at least that makes sense. Could it be that the little things just go wrong so often that we’ve lost our tolerance for them years ago?

People on Reddit shared the teeny tiny things that make them completely furious and you know what? SAME.

1. Bossiness rage

Someone telling me to go do something that I was going to do anyway. If you tell me to go do the dishes as I’m walking to go do them, I no longer want to do the dishes. I have no idea why this makes me as enraged as it does.


2. Head-bumping rage

Bumping my head on something when I stand up. It takes me by surprise and pisses me off.


3. Sandwich rage

When I bite into a delicious sandwich and all the insides fall out of the other end. I call this Sandwich Rage.


4. Fly rage

F**king flies. I’m generally pretty chill, but as soon as a fly buzzes by my head I lose my shit.


5. Earbud rage

Catching my earbud cord on a doorknob and having it ripped from my ear.


6. Grocery aisle rage

Grocery store etiquette. GTFO of the middle of the aisle! This can’t be your first time shopping!


7. Road rage

when a car pulls out right in front of me and then goes 20 mph under the speed limit anyway. why?????? just wait then.


8. Phones during movies rage

People using their brightest screens on their phones to check texts and social media during movies in a theater.


9. Shushing rage

If someone shushes me or puts their hand in my face. I go from 0 to 100 in no time.


10. Sidewalk rage

People taking up the sidewalk and walking too slow. Immediate rage.


11. Interrupting rage

Talking over me. I get that it’s a cultural thing for some people – in some families you never get heard at all unless you talk over your family members – but doing it in regular conversation is just enraging.

Also condescension. Call me “son” or “honey” one more time, asshole.


12. Loud chewing rage

When someone chews loudly beside me, especially if they chew with their mouth open.


13. Communication rage

When someone can’t grasp that something isn’t as obvious to me as it is to them, simply because I can’t read their minds, I don’t know their whole life story, or I don’t have the same educational background, or the same interests.


14. Things falling rage

Things not staying where I put then. For example if I hang a towel and it just immediately decides to slide off, or I put my spoon down in my ice cream, but because it’s still almost full the spoon just tips over and falls out. Like, you’re inanimate fucking objects, don’t just fucking up and decide to do some random ass bullshit that makes me have to go and pick shit up or clean the floor!


15. Break time rage

Someone trying to talk to me while I eat at work. Come on, just let me have this 10 minutes to myself.


16. Restaurant rage

While working at subway it bothers me when people say “you can get me..” instead of “can you get me.” I think it’s just the gesture of asking that I appreciate, so when someone doesn’t it throws me off?


17. Red light rage

Hitting back to back red lights.


18. Technology rage

When whatever you’re about to do gets derailed by technology.

Want to watch a movie? Well the Chromecast won’t connect, the subtitles are wrong, the audio is offset by 200ms, the bluetooth speaker ran out of battery, and the internet just went down.

Fine, I guess I’ll just play a video game instead. Well there’s a 15gb update, and it made the game laggy. Also the servers are having connection issues and matchmaking is broken.Dammit, alright I’ll just go for a walk and play some music. Except the bluetooth headphones won’t pair today, and Spotify is stuck in offline mode.

I just wanted to relax, but now it’s 10PM and I’ve spent my entire evening angrily troubleshooting stuff.

This is why I tend to avoid technology as much as possible. It replaces predictable inconveniences with unpredictable problems. Everything is broken and nobody cares. Even my todo app is giving me trouble these days.


19. Speakerphone rage

People who use speakerphone in public.

Also, the especially shitty subgroup of people who blast music from their phone/Bluetooth speaker in public instead of using headphones. “Bruh, dis that shit you ain’t never hurd before!” Yeah, and now I long to return to such an idyllic time.


20. Tardiness rage

People being late or unprepared. If I say I want to leave the house at 5PM to go get groceries, I don’t mean get ready to leave at 5PM, I mean I want to be walking out the door. Losing 15 minutes in the grand scheme of things isn’t a huge deal, but I just feel so disrespected if my time is wasted like that.


21. More road rage

Motherf**kers turning without putting on THE GODDAMN TURN SIGNALS. I never understood why it was a thing my dad raged about constantly but now when I’m driving, I’m worse than him. I don’t even say anything. When I pass I stare them right in the eyes letting them know that I wish them and their entire family crash into the midgaurd and burn on gasoline.


22. Standing in line rage

When standing in line at a store and the person behind you is ramming into you with their shopping cart or standing waaay too close. Seriously, personal space, you pushing me wont make the line go any faster.


23. Misspelling rage

When people spell ‘lose’ as ‘loose’. Seething rage ensues.


24. Door closing rage

Asking someone to shut my door but they leave it slightly cracked.


25. Adult tantrum rage

When an adult throws a tantrum to get what they want and succeed.For example, when someone tries to return something without a receipt and the manager says they can’t accept their return, so the person starts making a scene and the manager gives in.

Nothing pisses me off more than people getting away with stuff when they know they’re in the wrong.


h/t: Reddit, BuzzFeed