People Are Sharing The Physical ‘Flaws’ Nobody Notices But Them, And Awww

We’ve all got insecurities about our appearance. Whether its our weight, too-small hands, too-big feet, graying hair, or whatever else, full self-acceptance is a lifelong quest. 

It doesn’t help that society pushes images of what we “should be” on us constantly. Ads for hair, makeup, and skincare flood our computers and TVs constantly. Social media presents perfectly curated, edited photos and lives that aren’t only unattainable and disingenuous, they shouldn’t even be lives we want to attain in the first place!

Anyway, this idea is basically what bigdfootball97 covered when he asked, “What’s something you’re worried people will notice about your physical appearance that they actually hardly notice at all?”

The responses were honestly, really uplifting and inspiring. We’re all out here just doing our best. We all have physical insecurities, and it’s important to remember that much of the time, literally nobody is paying attention to your “flaws” besides you! 


i constantly have huge bags under my eyes. people never seem to comment on it or deny it when i bring it up.



I never know how much to swing my arms when I walk. I don’t think about it until a power walker stomps past me, but afterwards I almost always have a nervous breakdown wondering if I am walking like a robot or swinging my arms like a crazy person.



What I see as larger than normal pores on my nose.



My teeth aren’t particularly straight or white. They’re bad enough that I notice them, but not bad enough that my parents felt compelled to get me braces when I was a kid, and not bad enough that I’ve bothered to get adult braces to fix them. And I’ve never had anyone notice a problem with them since I don’t really have a ‘toothy’ smile.




One ear is bigger than the other so it is a disability of mine. The smaller one my hearing is impaired like 25% and the bigger ear I hear normal. There’s a benefit though I always sleep on the side of the normal ear because I hear less and it helps me sleep.



My teeth. Which is odd because it is my new partners favorite physical thing.

He came home drunk one night and tried to poke them with his finger trying to make me smile.



I have third and second degree burn scars on a large portion of my body. I’m thankful that most of them are legs/torso/arms so I can cover them up and not have to think about it. But I have some more visible scars on my neck, and I’ve only ever had two people mention it because they thought I was breaking out from something. I feel like they’re terribly noticeable because I’m very pale, but my fingers are crossed that people don’t notice them.



Acne for sure. I used to notice every imperfection on my face and get worried about other people judging me for them.

I’ve learned to back away from the mirror (not examining my face so closely and frequently) and know that no one cares.

If someone ever did end up caring, I’d know they’re not worth caring about myself.



My nose is crooked.

I always considered it one of my most defining and unpleasant features.

Husband and I went to our college reunion and exchanged hellos with his ex. When we left I joked “Have any regrets?” And he joked “I guess not.”

And I said “Even though her nose isn’t crooked?”

And he was genuinely puzzled, he finally said “I don’t get it.”

About 17 years together and he never even noticed my nose was crooked.




How awkward I feel my expressions are



Acne scars on my cheeks. I had really bad hormonal acne from ages 15-25(ish), and of course I couldn’t just let it be–nope, I had to pick at every damn pimple that decided to rear its head on my face, for ten years.

I’m about five years from my last ‘bad acne attack’ date, so my face is all healed up as best as it’s gonna get, but I still look in the mirror and just see scars and cavities and depressions and odd colors rather than my facial features.

Luckily, through trial and error, I’ve learned basically nobody else sees/notices them and therefore life has continued on normally for me.



Nodding. Am I nodding too much? Am I nodding enough? This is way too hard to be nodding, right?




My right boob is quite bigger than my left.

I feel like it’s super obvious but my SO and my best friend say they don’t look lopsided when I’m wearing a bra.

I used to be so self conscious about it until I learned it’s pretty common for women to have lopsided breasts.



I have a scar on my forehead from running into a wall when I was 12, I was always so embarrassed about it, but literally no one notices it.



I have a beer gut that I’m a bit self conscious about, but since I’m also a bit barrel-chested apparently people just consider me as an all-around “big guy.” Like they see a linebacker but all I see in the mirror is a sumo wrestler.




I have an eyelid that hangs slightly lower than my other. Looking in the mirror makes me self conscious about it. I’m worried people will notice my eyes are “uneven”



Chicken pox vaccine didn’t exist yet when I was a child.

As I recovered Mother cut my hair into bangs to hide the scarring. Bangs were out of style but that didn’t matter; facial scars were worse. This was Mom’s ironclad rule.

I kept the bangs for twenty years until one of my friends commented that was a childish haircut. So I explained the problem, she asked to see, and I showed her my forehead.

“I can’t see anything,” she said. Everyone’s flaws stand out to them in a mirror. I could still see the scars in an instant and thought she was kidding.

But just to make sure I asked a few more people.

None of them noticed any scars. Haven’t had bangs since.



My greys. Theres more than a few and am an resisting colouring it.

I feel its blatantly obvious but my cubicle mate says she does not even notice.



I have tiny hands. I hate my tiny hands.




At 6’5″ I’d love it if people didn’t notice my height. But they inevitable ask how tall I am and why I don’t play basketball. It’s not appreciated when I ask them why they don’t play mini-golf.



Man boobs.

Played football in high school and used to be very strong. I could bench twice my weight. Gained a lot of weight since and now I feel I have big man boobs.

There is still muscle there but the fat on top makes seem huge and just out there. Working on dieting the last 6 months to reduce that problem.



Honestly I’m a female and I have stubble on my chin that I use Flawless to get rid of almost daily. I’m self conscious about it, but I doubt people actually notice it.



I have self harm scars on my wrist and upper arm. For years I wore bracelets and long sleeves for fear of people commenting on them. When I finally built up the courage you wear short sleeves….. It was very anticlimactic!

Because honestly hardly anyone ever notices. Even close friends have been shocked when I pointed them out because they never looked at them before.

They are so obvious to me but its made me realize no one is paying as much attention to your flaws as you are.



My big ass forehead. I always felt my forehead was too big. But I seem to be the only person that notice it.




I have thumbs like Megan Fox and I hate them. I think they look like big toes but literally no one else has ever noticed that they’re weird unless I point them out.



My smile is lopsided from an accident I had as a kid and I always see it in pictures and hate it. I think I’m the only one who even notices.