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People Are Sharing The Secrets They’ll Take To Their Graves (15 Secrets)

We’ve all seen that movie: someone is on their death bed, about to reveal the family’s deep, dark secret when they croak mid-sentence.

No! Now we’ll never know what Great Uncle Bernard was about to say. Taking a secret to the grave is very dramatic, but apparently lots of people plan on doing just that.

On Reddit, folks are blabbing their deep, dark secrets—which I think means they aren’t secrets anymore?


“I caught my mom and dad cheating on each other on different occasions when I younger and they don’t know about it.” — Deus7007


“I contemplated suicide for a time a while back. I was gonna do it after I became of age to purchase a handgun and shoot myself. I become of age next week. It’s crazy to think about how I felt at that time and the idea of dying before I accomplish what I want. I manage my dark thoughts and feelings in a better way now, and I don’t plan on dying any time soon.” — Sir_Merlinn


“My father cheated on my mother and they had a kid. I remember going across town to meet her and when we came back he kept repeating and remember you can’t tell you mother about this. And I never did. Until now. So somewhere out there is a half sister that I’ve never met and I probably will never meet because she would be around 2000 miles south. So yeah that’s that.” — xXKUKULKANXx


“When I was younger I used to have nightmares for several years that I was getting tickled aggressively by a demon in the dark. Honestly, not planning on telling anyone in case they think I was bewitched or something.” — depressed_biss05


“My mother emotionally neglected me as a young child and the only time she’d ever show me exclusive attention is when I would get hurt or sick, (my abusive yet chronically ill now dead brother was her priority.) So, one time I broke my wrist and got a cast for the first time. It was orange because it was halloween time and my mom put pumpkin stickers on it. She took me out to lunch and to the gift shop to get a toy. Once all was said and done, the exclusive attention subsided. In my deeply distorted brain as a young child yearning for her mom to pay attention to her more…I would purposely break my wrists and ankles. I VOLUNTARILY broke my bones 6 different times in two years. My mom also didn’t question it either as she was too high on opioids to raise an eyebrow about my excessive bone breaking and one cast after another.” — anya_joy


“I was abused in the scouts by an older leader. I’m about to be 23 and my dad still doesn’t know it happened multiple times anyways.” — UrbexTex


“I lied about my first time having sex to everyone and still do. I was 18 at the time, and my friends arranged a dinner/lunch/party with cake every time someone lost their virginity. I hated the pressure and felt that my virginity suddenly wasn’t my own / my own business anymore. So I lied and said I had sex with a (make believe) guy at a house party, had the cake and felt great. My virginity was solely my business again, and I don’t regret doing this for a second. In reality I had sex for the first time at 21 when I felt ready with a guy I felt safe with. Had great sex and a great first time. This is no one else’s business but mine, so I don’t feel the need to tell anyone. This is not a big secret, however a secret that has helped me greatly.” — Urutta_


“I have extremely bad nightmares every night, that basically just combine all of my deepest fears into one. it happens every night, and i get hardly any rest. it’s gotten to the point where i’m scared to go to sleep, but i refuse to tell anyone because i want to try to act happy.” — hayesinthehaze


“I am super lucky to have been super close to my wonderful and caring mother my whole life. I lived with with her from the time I was born until she died when I was 26 years old. She was the glue that held our family together. She was there for anyone and everyone. Family parties and holidays were civil because of her. This isn’t a big secret but, it would break hearts. She outwardly love everyone and secretly hated about 80% of them. The secrets I was let in on also ruined any affection I had for most of them. It’s amazing what she did for her mom, my grandmother, to keep the appearance of her happy little family together. Now the family is in ruins.” — Specific_Airfryer


“My 3 1/2 year old son put my 18 year old cat in the washer and closed the door…I found her the next morning. I told everyone she died peacefully in her sleep…she didn’t and it kills me everyday.” — ChevyDrea