22 Things Y’all Are STILL Wasting Money On In The Year 2019

We’re all guilty of wasting our money on meaningless crap from time to time. The phrase “treat yo’ self” has been the cause of many personal shopping sprees. However, there are some things that we really need to stop throwing cash at this year. Just take it from each of these Redditors who have strong opinions on what should be considered a waste of money.


Pennies – it costs almost 2 cents to make each penny, so the U.S. Mint loses nearly $50 million in taxpayer dollars each year producing them. —VictorBlimpmuscle


Pyramid schemes. —cjcmommy0123


Getting insurance on smaller purchases. Sure the peace of mind is nice but the likely hood is that you’ll never make a claim on it and you’ll just be paying a extra $10 dollars to feel super safe about not having to buy another ink cartridge if the one you buy breaks. —FurryPornAccount


That gym membership that you don’t use. —CptnStarkos


Most people don’t realize how much a libray card can save them. Libraries are still a thing! Get any book, or game or movie or anything you could ever want for free? Seems like a no brainer but lots don’t realize it. —Alex-the-lion


Psychics. Complete bunch of scam artists. —Kiora87


Buying a phone as soon as it comes out. —KaidoXXI


Insulin. Just get some essential oils, bro.

I’m gonna go ahead and clarify that this is a joke so no one dies. —ColoradoScoop


Huge expensive, generic, weddings. Seems like a down payment on a home would be a better idea. And you can have a really nice personal pretty cheaply if you just get creative and not let archaic ideas of what you are supposed to dictate things. —misslaylapie


Greeting cards. What the hell are you supposed to do with them? Personal notes, absolutely keep them. A signature of someone I know in a $7 card with generic sentiments printed in a swirly font? Ummmm…thanks? —iconoclastic_idiot


Madden. That shit has been garbage for years, yet people keep buying it which gives EA an incentive to keep pushing out a mediocre product. —varnell_hill


TI calculators. There are far better alternatives that have more capabilities put into them, but for some reason, here in America it’s pretty much mandatory to purchase a TI calculator for school. —Redditorsion


Homeopathy. There’s so much evidence against it and it can really ruin people’s lives. It breaks my heart every time I see news articles of someone opting for homeopathy instead of evidence based medicine. —prostitutepupils


Comcast and other cable services. —svarog611


Credit card interest. About the worst thing a typical person could do financially is pay the minimum each month. Crazy high rates. —know_limits


Imo, cigarettes. I know that not everyone may agree, but there are no direct benefits to smoking tobacco, only negatives. —TheChernomobile


The War on Drugs. —Buck_Thorn


Buying designer clothes for babies. Double points if it is brand new. Buy secondhand, people. —CrashieBashie


Astronomer here! I am always irrationally angry when I hear about people buying those “name a star” kits (they even sell them in the checkout line for the main bookstore chain here in Canada). There is nothing official about that because anyone can name a star whatever they want, including the company selling you the $30 box. Astronomers themselves do not sell star or naming rights to anything; we use International Astronomical Union catalog names. —Andromeda321


Fortnite console disks. —Darkmaster666666


Evangelists. I don’t understand how anyone can believe that helping a rich guy get a 50+ million dollar plane or some shit will get God on their side. —loztriforce


Bottled water. You are creating plastic pollution for no reason. Buy a filter if youre that bothered. —hoochiscrazy_

h/t: Reddit