Women Are Sharing What Age They Got Hit On The Most (18 Posts)

This is going to depress you. Because right out of the gate, u/Forsaken-Criticism91 asked, “At what age did you get hit on the most? And why is it 13-19?”


Hoo boy. Why indeed.

Listen up, men of the world: there is no reason for this many women to be able to commiserate about being hit on as a YOUNG TEEN. Or, as the top comment noticed, during a psychotic break.


1. Psychosis

This is going to be completely awful to read but I had a psychotic break for about 6 months in my early 30’s and ended up homeless for extended periods of time and it was more than obvious that something wasn’t right to anyone who would glance my way. I was approached by so many men while walking around doing psychotic shit, we’re talking multiple each hour would pull over asking if they could drive me somewhere or inviting me to their home or just asking to “party” with me knowing I was out of my mind and they could probably do anything they wanted. Fortunately I was also in extremely paranoid so I always said no but looking back, humans can be disgusting.


2. Mid-years

19-26 ish


3. That age range

15-19. and yeah, you’re correct.

i think it’s partly because people are fuckin creeps. and also partly because i did intentionally try to appeal to men for validation A LOT. attention was coined very positively in my mind.


4. A child

I used to get whistled at the most before 15. I think it started at 9. As to why? Because the men were gross and saw no problem with the fact that I was a child.


5. Poor kids

The years you listed. I’m speaking from my own experience as a straight woman who was hit on by men. I believe it’s bc teens are unassuming and don’t know how to shutdown creepy men. It’s very predatory. In my younger years, I was stalked in parking lots, grocery stores, and public spaces.

I still get on as someone in their 30s but it’s very “normal” and not creepy.



Probably around 35-40 when I lost a bunch of weight and got into shape.


7. 11.

Haven’t been hit on since I was 17. First got followed home at 11. Some builder man asking me to give him a blowjob, the 18 year old seniors at school wolf whistling at me as they went past in their car. 11.


8. I hate this.

Very specifically between 12-16 including multiple teachers and coaches across various classes and grades.


9. SO gross.

Honestly… 11-17/18 maybe? So gross and scary thinking about it now. I love the freedom of a 35 year old mum life that is highly pregnant for the second time, it’s like I’m invisible nearly for all the people I don’t want to interact with


10. Thank goodness

Ha ha, no way when I was that age. More in my 20’s, but rarely then even.


11. God, being a woman is hard

12-19 were the worst years, then there was a decrease to a stable level in my 20s and 30s. The moent I turned 40, it went down to zero. The suddenness was very odd, but it’s kinda peaceful


12. Baby.

14; was approached all the time by grown men

now i’m objectively hotter and never am i approached


13. Yay!

After turning 30 (am 37 next week) still get hit on multiple times a week


14. I can’t with these

14-18, for sure. I’d say 23-26 was the second-most.


15. So disgusting

Probably between 14-18, I’ve had men follow me to my house when I was clearly underaged, absolutely disgusting and creepy. It still happens but not as much as when I was under 18.


16. Bless this answer

Nope I get hit on more now at 46 than when I was younger.


17. Just a kid

I started getting hit on when I was 11 or 12 on Halloween by so many men even though me and a friend just wanted to go trick or treating and have loads of chocolate. 17 and 21 were years where I was hit on a lot. Most were much older men.


18. Yuck, yuck, yuck

14-19 for me. Quit a job at 15 for getting groped and crude comments at a pizza joint. At 15. Fif-fucking-TEEN. Open mouth gapes, gross comments whilst grocery shopping, had relations with 26-28 year old marines. Again at 15/16. Yes they knew. Boy lots of regrets here. Then again 25-27 when I was a flight attendant.

Finally, mercifully, since getting married at 27 it’s stopped for the past few years. Like Robin in HIMYM becoming invisible when getting a ring, except it’s such a GD relief. And I wouldn’t consider myself even conventionally attractive. I think they just loved the appeal of children and newness and fresh flesh. Nasty fucks.