20+ Times Boomers Didn’t Quite “Get It” And It Was Pure Comedy

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Unfortunately, everyone’s going to live until they’re 115 now, so we have many years of new stuff being completely foreign to us.

Honestly, I’m 34 and I’m just about done learning anything new. If my fridge becomes a smart device, there’s a good chance it will kill me (the food inside it already is getting pretty close already, according to my doctor).

Boomers get a bad wrap. Occasionally, however, they prove they shouldn’t be around new things because they are going to embarrass themselves.

Luckily, people on Reddit and Twitter are out there sharing moments they caught when their parents and grandparents didn’t understand something.

Here are the funniest moments when Boomers failed to understand something new:


2. Needs some tech support.

3. My mom’s been photocopying documents from her iPad.

4. Kisses!

5. My grandma asked me to take a photo with her and when I flipped the camera to front-facing, she said “that’s nice. When is that from?”

6. My mom printed her divorce papers on stickers.

7. Spelling mistake fixed.

8. My grandma has been wearing this mask for months because she “loves gardening.” Today, someone at the store explained it to her.

9. A real saga right here.

10. Enjoy.

11. Check out this website if you haven’t seen it.

12. I’m sure that is actually a good read.

13. Shut up.

14. Help.

15. Made a meal and forgot to take a pic before eating it.

16. Please change it.

17. Voice to text fail.

18. She eventually understood.

19. Wrong emoji.

20. Name every beverage.

21. That’s not what it’s called.

22. Grandma kept complaining the outside clock is always wrong.

23. Who is it then??

24. Cher went to night mode and needed help.

25. My grandma loves her Jesus statue.

26. Or whoever you might be.

27. Was looking all over for my fish eye lens. My mom was using it as a bag clip.

28. Having trouble with the new mixer.

29. I drive an Uber and my grandma got me this book to help me remember my “Uber appointments.”

30. My grandfather is unsubscribing from Facebook.

31. My parents thought this said something inspirational in English.

32. What happens when your mom pushes every button in her new car.

33. I told my grandpa I wanted to build my own computer and he sent me this.

34. My grandma thought this was a cross and I haven’t corrected her.

35. Bought my dad a Kindle and he’s using it as a bookmark.

36. My uncle tried to help my dad brighten his iPad screen with a flashlight.

37. My grandparents waiting for each other at the mall.

38. Trying to tell an old man his finger is blocking the lens.

39. My grandfather doesn’t trust his Roomba and is following it around.

40. Could have been worse.

41. A great family photo.

42. Mom found a way around messing up her TV.

43. That background choice.

44. My dad printed out a picture he liked.

45. Found on Facebook Marketplace.

46. Grandma signed up for Facebook and sent her first message.