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Aaron Paul Furiously Recapping ‘Breaking Bad’ In 2 Minutes Is All The Binge You Need

To promote El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie, Aaron Paul visited Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday where the lead actor got to discuss his new film as well as provide a comprehensive Breaking Bad recap.

Paul, who reprises the role of Jesse Pinkman in the Netflix film, managed to sum up the show in an enthusiastic two and a half minutes

He recapped all five seasons, reminding viewers how Walter White’s son “really loves breakfast,” how Walt and Jesse “kill some people with science,” and how Jesse says “bitch a lot.” Other highlights? “I fall in love with Jessica Jones” and “Danny Trejo’s decapitated head on a turtle.” 

Paul discussed making the film and revealed a never-before-seen clip from the movie. El Camino takes place shortly after the events of the Breaking Bad finale, which left Walter White theoretically dead and Jesse on the run.

He also mentioned that fans were ecstatic about the film and that one fan was so obsessed with getting a ticket to the premiere that she promised she’d get a “Pinkman” tattoo on her bottom lip. When she got her ticket, she got the tattoo, which Paul showed a photo of on the show. 

Paul recently told The Hollywood Reporter of Breaking Bad: “I thought it was such a perfect ending, to leave it sort of ambiguous. I think what [Gilligan] did with this next chapter was so beautiful. It might have lined up with what I was thinking. I kind of want [Jesse] to be OK. And maybe that is the case.”

El Camino drops on October 11th and will play in theaters in 68 cities, including New York, Los Angeles, and Albuquerque.