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Amy Schumer Shares Explicit Photo Of Her C-Section Scar And Moms Are Loving It

Comedian Amy Schumer shares a lot of her life, even the deeply personal stuff, like almost nude shots. One of the most amusing social media bits Schumer has been keeping up is her ongoing feud with Alec Baldwin’s wife, Hilaria, that spun out of control earlier this year:

Yes, thanks to Amy Schumer (sort of) we now know that Hilaria has been pretending to be a Spaniard for much of her life. 

This would be gift enough, but Schumer also talks a lot about being a mom and the honest difficulties and challenges of it, which a lot of people need. She had her first baby last year with husband Chris Fischer. 

This week, Schumer shared a part of giving birth that isn’t talked about very much, at least not explicitly. She shared a picture of her nude body in the mirror that clearly shows the slight droop of a caesarian section scar in her belly.

“Feeling like my c section looks cute today! #hotgirlwinter #csection,” she wrote.

Yep, having a baby via c-section leaves a scar, because it’s a pretty dramatic thing to go through. Really, any birth is a physical event that needs to be recovered from through a long healing process. The problem is that not many people talk about it, focusing instead on just the pain of the delivery itself. Once that’s done, mom’s supposed to hop out of bed at 100%.

Maybe that’s reading too much into Schumer’s post, but a lot of people responding in the comments loves the picture for normalizing their own scars and experiences with having a C-section:

Whatever her intentions, a nude pic has sparked a conversation about a common, hidden scar lots of people are carrying, even if their bathrooms aren’t as nice as Amy Schumer’s. She has so much power!