30 Brilliant Celebrity Comments That Made Us Laugh In 2018

21. Sarah Jessica Parker came up with her stripper name, while revealing she eats soup in the nude:

22. Cardi clapped back at Jameela Majil after she came at her for promoting detox tees on Instagram:

23. Tom Holland explained his facial expressions during filming of Infinity War:

24. Chris Noth brought back this classic phrase for SJP:

25. Paris Hilton left some familiar words on ex-best-friend Kim Kardashian’s Instagram:

26. Hailey Baldwin revealed she was not a fan of Justin Bieber’s mustache:

27. Winnie Harlow disclosed the “designer” of her “shirt”:

28. Cole Sprouse’s Riverdale co-stars razzed him after his ‘Choice Male Hottie’ win at the Teen Choice Awards:

29. Joey King posted a $FlashBackFriday with the Sprouses, giving Cole another chance to troll Dylan:

30. And finally, Seth Rogen told Zac Efron to take it easy: