Britney Spears’ Odd Yet Adorable Pride Month Video Has Become A Meme (24 Tweets)

June is Pride Month, a time for people in the LGBTQIA+ community to celebrate their identity and shared culture. That culture includes Britney Spears, an icon, because the vast majority of queer people you talk to adore her. So do straight people. She’s really a cross-cultural character!

So when Britney made a tribute video for Pride Month, everyone was happy to tune in.

In her tweet’s caption, she wrote, “Happy Pride Month!!!! I love my LGBTQ+ fans so much …. you all bring me so much joy and I am proud to support you!!!!.” But with a lot more emojis. 

The tweet itself is a video of Spears standing against a wall, delivering these words:

“To all my friends at the LGBTQ community, you guys bring so much heart, passion, and articulate everything you do. Because of you, I’ve had the best nights of my life. I love you so much it hurts.”

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Then in the background, Spears’ boyfriend Sam Asghari yells from offscreen, “Go LGBTQ!” She responds, “Baby, be quiet!”

There’s a lot to enjoy about this video, but most people focused on the words “at the LGBTQ community,” which kind of imply that the group of people she is referring to are all in one place. Or that she’s supporting a building somewhere that the whole LGBTQ community is partying in. Sounds like an awesome party to me. 

Britney Spears’ “At the LGBTQ community” has become a meme as people imagine going there to celebrate and hang out, even in lockdown. See you all there!