15 Photos Of Celebrities Before They Were Famous

My cousin used to date someone from the band Anthrax. I have no idea if he was a good boyfriend (I was way too young to understand that kind of stuff), but he was certainly the most interesting one because he was (sort of) famous. And everyone knows famous people are just somehow more interesting than the rest of us. 

It’s weird to remember that Brad Pitt used to just be someone in your high school English class, or that Meryl Streep was once someone’s elementary school best friend. 

So it’s fun to see old pictures of famous people from before they were famous (or at least, before they were mega famous), when they walked among the ranks us of mere mortals and did things like go to prom and date your aunt.

1. “so my mom dated matt le blanc and she finally found a picture of them”

2. The future first lady!

3. Jennifer Garner

4. Josh Hartnett did not seem destined to be good at taking pictures. 

5. Baby Blake Shelton. 


6. Ariana Grande pre-perma-ponytail!

7. How cute was Usher in high school? 

8. Tupac forever. 

9. Check out Zac Efron’s frosted tips. 

10. Jimmy Fallon throwback.