This Artist Photoshops Celebrities With Their Younger Selves And It’s A Trippy Nostalgia Rush

Dutch artist Ard Gelinck has used a fairly simple idea – photoshopping celebrities into pictures with their younger selves–to startling effect.

As BuzzFeed points out the result is surprisingly affecting. Sometimes this is because the person in question has passed away and sometimes it’s simply because it shows how far they’ve come. And sometimes it looks like a cute photo of them hanging out with their grandpa.

Try not to get a wee bit emotional as you scroll through these images of celebrities hanging out with their younger, much more carefree selves before the ravages of fame and time took their toll. (Also try to suppress your cries of rage at the ones who haven’t aged at all.)

1. Anthony Hopkins

2. Barbara Streisand

3. Hugh Grant

4. Michelle Obama

5. Brooke Shields

6. Drake

7. Matt LeBlanc

8. Rutger Hauer

9. Whitney Houston

10. Haley Joel Osment