People On Twitter Are Sharing Their Most Bizarre Celebrity Encounters, And It’s Truly Marvelous

It seems like almost everyone has a celebrity sighting story, but usually, it’s just that — a sighting. 

Recently, journalist and filmmaker Michael Segalov asked Twitter users to share the most “surreal encounter they’ve had with someone famous,” and, even shared one of his own — a truly bizarre tale of riding a bucking bronco in Liverpool while Hugh Grant looked at him, stuck his tongue out and shrugged.

People immediately began to send in their surreal stories of seeing celebrities in-person and it’s all too real.

Ralph Fieness

Victoria Beckham

Muhammad Ali

Billy Crystal and Robin Williams

Honestly, we just love how great of a guy Robin Williams was.

Ryan Gosling

Allen Ginsberg

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Jared Leto

Quentin Tarantino

Jack Black

Jason Bateman

Morgan Freeman

Maya Angelou

Harrison Ford

Serena Williams

Mike Myers

Angelina Jolie

Justin Bieber

Nelson Mandela

h/t: Twitter.