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Chrissy Teigen Asked People About Being Famous For “One Minute” And It’s Hilarious—30 Tweets

Not everyone who gets in front of a camera is destined for fame. Chrissy Teigen was, but she didn’t know that when her face was cut out of a scene in a Fast and Furious movie. On Twitter, she recounted how only her boobs made it into Tokyo Drift.

Her fans found her boobs for her almost immediately, and they are certainly stunning. They deserve their own movie:

But the moment got Teigen thinking—how many people show up for just a second somewhere and felt like it was their moment of fame? And then it just became a goofy story only your friends and family know about?

People poured into her mentions with screenshots and clips of their one moment of fame. Teigen was delighted except for the fact that so many people were being exploited:

Yeah, if your face ends up in a national ad campaign you better be getting money. On the other hand, who could have predicted how these images would eventually pay off: by getting to interact with Chrissy Teigen.