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Viral Video Inspires ‘Drunk Taylor Swift’ Meme And The Internet Loves It

Taylor Swift has had many public personas, but even when she’s presenting herself as a man-stealing badass who jumps out of windows, she still comes off as pretty strait-laced. She is in control of her image, always. That may be why this video of her bouncing around like a sophomore on Spring break has captured the Internet’s heart so completely. Drunk Taylor is a revelation.

The video came from a night of revelry hosted by Swift on Saturday in celebration of her ten VMA nominations. Everyone in the cast of her music videos for “ME!” and “You Need to Calm Down” was invited, so it was a quite a party. Swift was filmed dancing to her own song like she’s her own biggest fan. She isn’t actually drinking, but anyone who has ever been drunk might find these moves recognizable:

It seems like Swift finds the whole thing funny. At least, she wants to take control of the narrative as usual.

She joked about it on Twitter, sharing pics from the party about what a fun time she had and the fact that “Drunk Taylor” was trending.

The reason it was trending? MEMES. Everyone wanted to meme Taylor Swift having the night of her life. Drunk Taylor Swift memes are the best Taylor Swift memes.

Memes are all about relatable content, and nothing is more relatable than making a fool of yourself dancing to a Taylor Swift song.