20 Times Female Celebs Called Someone Out

Female celebrities, and famous people in general, usually remain pretty polite in public. With great power comes great responsibility so those with legions of fans usually avoid calling people out, even when they’re totally justified in doing so.

Sometimes, however, enough is enough and even famous women decide they need to call bullshit. Whether it’s responding to a salacious rumor, shutting down internet trolls, or firing back at a fellow celebrity – when famous women call out their haters the results can be a sight to behold (and to retweet.)

Here are a few instances when female celebrities decided to set the record straight and called someone out to glorious effect. 

1. That time someone questioned Cher

2. That time Kim Cattrall confirmed that her and Sarah Jessica-Parker aren’t exactly friends

3. That time Cardi B smacked down an Instagram troll

4. That time this brainy model shut down a sexist commenter

5. When Ellen Pompeo called out white people in Hollywood

6. That time someone asked Madonna about Lady Gaga and she casually destroyed her while sipping tea

7. That time Chrissy Teigen flicked away a hater with pure sarcasm

8. That time J-Lo told people accusing her of using Photoshop to chill

9. When Nicki Minaj called out Miley Cyrus at the Video Music Awards

10. That time Anna Wintour dismissed Donald Trump