Kendall Jenner Sparks Wedding Etiquette Debate After Wearing Revealing Dress To Reception

It feels like there are so many rules to follow when dressing for a wedding. But what if you bucked them all? That’s what Kendall Jenner did when dressing for her friend Lauren Perez’s Miami wedding recently. The 26-year-old Jenner posted mirror selfies of herself and Hailey Bieber posing in their wedding attire, and Jenner was wearing something decidedly unconventional: a black dress with many cutouts.

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The dress, which is from Mônot, features tiny triangle cutouts up the front. It’s a sexy dress, and Jenner looks great! Also, she wore the dress for the reception and not the ceremony (Jenner was a bridesmaid). But did she break wedding etiquette?

Social media users seemed mostly unanimous in their agreement that Jenner committed a faux pas with her attire.


#greenscreen saw an opportunity to use this sound and ran with it, she looks cute tho tbh

♬ STILL NOT THAT GURL – theebrad

Some, though, didn’t find anything amiss with the look.

Traditionally, you want to let the bride shine — so maybe Jenner should have saved the dress for another occasion.

Featured Image: Twitter