Kevin Hart Responds To Young Nigerian Artist Who Drew An Unbelievably Realistic Portrait Of Him

With all of the craziness going on in the world today, it can be incredibly easy to get bogged down with negativity. However, it’s important to remember that no matter the political climate or contention, there is always some good news to be found.

Today’s source of positivity comes from the interaction between actor Kevin Hart and a talented young Nigerian artist whose entire life changed thanks to the power of Twitter.

This is the insanely talented Nigerian artist Eli Waduba.

According to his bio, Eli specializes in hyperrealistic pencil art and he recently drew this breathtaking portrait of Kevin Hart.

Eli shared his work on Twitter in hopes of catching the American actor’s attention.

And thanks to the power of social media, Kevin Hart did, in fact, see the young artist’s creation. He even reached out to Eli requesting to commission more pieces.

“I see it and I want to purchase it…I also want to support you and your amazing talent by giving you a fee to do a pencil drawing of 3 of my celebrity friends that I can gift it to. DM your info and let’s get to work!” Hart wrote.

Of course, Eli was beyond excited to be acknowledged by one of his biggest idols.

It wasn’t long before the artist began showcasing some of his other work.

And people were blown away.


h/t Twitter, Bored Panda