We Honestly Just Can’t Stop Looking At Pictures Of The Mountain From ‘GoT’ Standing Next To His Wife

If you watch Game of Thrones, then you probably know who the Mountain is—he’s pretty hard to miss. The character is played by Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, who won the title of World’s Strongest Man in 2008. Here’s what he looks like


So yeah, not a tiny man. 

Now, this is his wife Kelsey Henson, who is also very fit. 


But just slightly smaller than he is. 


Like, just a tad. 

There’s not really that much of a size difference between them. 


I mean, it’s not like he could just literally pick her up and carry her everywhere. 

Oh, wait. Hang on. Yes, he can. 


It’s not so much that she’s small as it is that he’s BEYOND ENORMOUS!


Just about anyone would look tiny next to him. 


So enjoy these pictures of just two normal, regular people being a couple.

Even if her head does fit nicely into his armpit. 


h/t: Instagram: thorbjornsson, Instagram: kelc33, BuzzFeed