Paris Hilton Opens Up About Finding A Stalker In Her House On “Hot Ones”

Paris Hilton shared a truly scary story on her Thursday appearance on Hot Ones, which pairs celebrity interviews with hot chicken wings.

YouTube / Hot Ones

They chatted about a whole lot of things, including all the times Paris had to deal with the paparazzi harassing her. She shared that it was so bad she had people combing her trash and climbing her gates.

“I remember one time I came home and there was paparazzi out there and they were like, ‘By the way, some guy was looking through your trash, taking everything with him, and he’s been doing this a couple times,'” she said. “It was just creepy that someone was doing that.”

The behavior escalated; one member of the paparazzi was able to convince Hilton’s housekeeper that he or she was a friend. That person then was able to enter Hilton’s property and wait for her in her home.

“They would just ring my doorbell and pretend to be other people,” she shared. “One time I walked into my house and my housekeeper at the time didn’t know, because the guy said he was my friend, and he was just sitting in my kitchen waiting for me, which was really scary.”

Hilton did not discuss the aftermath any further than to say, “It was just very intrusive all the time.”

YouTube / Hot Ones

Since the release of a documentary about her life, This is Paris, Hilton has been sharing stories and memories about her career. She has also reflected on interviews that were, at the time, humiliating and rude.

Hilton called one interview with David Letterman “cruel” and “mean”; she said she believed Letterman was “purposefully trying to humiliate” her. Sarah Silverman, who joked about Hilton at the 2007 MTV Movie Awards, apologized for her cracks after Hilton called her out.


During the Hot Ones interview, Hilton was asked if she thought the apologies were “performative.” Hilton seemed to take a kind view of the entire thing; she said she was happy people were “reflecting on the mistakes they’ve made.”

“Ever since I got in this industry as a teenager, I’ve felt so much pain for a long time, just feeling like a punchline to so many jokes for people. Now, to finally hear people seeing how wrong it is and apologizing is just an amazing feeling.

“I’m not used to feeling it so I’m happy that people realize that it was just really messed up that they were doing that.”

“Whether being publicly humiliated with people and just being fucked over by people a lot, it’s been a hard journey. Maybe I had to go through it in order for others to not have to go through it. It’s only made me stronger.”