18 Times Ryan Reynolds Was The Best Part Of Twitter In 2018

Ryan Reynolds is a gift to Hollywood and also to social media. The quality of his clap backs has been noted extensively, his replies to both Internet trolls and to his own wife far exceeding that of the layman.

He’s had us slapping our knees for years, and 2018 was no exception. Let’s give it up for this national treasure, and let our New Year’s wish be that he brings his humor and wit into 2019 with even greater fervor.

1. When he thought he was invited to a sweater party:

2. When he confirmed that  divorce talk was just rumors:

3. And when he revealed the identity of his real parents:

4. When this was exactly how he talked:

5. When we all found out Blake drove him to the hospital when she was giving birth:

6. When he called out Hugh Jackman for his collaboration refusal:

7. And when he was wrong about Hugh Jackman’s relationship:

8. When he shared this touching family memory:

9. When he concocted the perfect metaphor:

10. When he found out that ghost lady (who looks a little bit like someone he knows…) is engaged: