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“Same de la Same” IG Account Shows The Regular People Who Look Like Celebs (16 Pics)

Looking like a famous person can be a blessing or a curse. Some celebrity doppelgangers surely get annoyed with the constant questions and remarks while others build entire careers as impersonators. (For example, if you need dead ringer for ’90s Brad Pitt I do weddings, funerals, and birthdays.)

There’s even an Instagram account called Same de la Same that documents these doppelgangers.

When these lookalikes dress up like the celebrity in question they can be indiscernible from their famous counterpart but even in plain clothes some of these resemblances are uncanny.

Here are some celebrities and their (relatively) non-famous “twins”:

1. Maise Williams and @sonjalovdal

2. Keanu Reeves and @danielvolovsek

3. Emma Watson and @ellanortonnnn

4. Tom Holland and @rafaelmarquezmx

5. Taylor Swift and @traumarn13

6. Rihanna and @cohenrose

7. Kim Kardashian and @kim_kardashian_lookalike

8. Johnny Depp and @jason_coster

9. Selena Gomez and @Taluuhh

10. Dr. Strange and… Dr. Strange?!