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Sydney Sweeney Responds To Backlash Over Mom’s Birthday Party Photos, Doesn’t Stop Everyone From Making Memes

Sydney Sweeney, known for playing Cassie in HBO’s Euphoria, found herself knee-deep in controversy over the weekend after photos from her mom’s 60th birthday party went viral because some of the guests were wearing political merch. I’ll let you guess which hat they were wearing.

In photos from the rodeo-themed 60th birthday party, some guests are wearing MAGA-style hats that said “Make 60 Great Again” and a “Blue Lives Matter” shirt.

Of course, it didn’t take very long for the pics to go viral. Sparking much backlash and memes about the event.

Many were quick to jump to her defense and call out dumb it is that people are reacting so harshly toward her

Sydney responded to the b acklash defending her family and wishing her mother a happy 60th birthday

Like any other viral event, the memes piled on. Here are some of the funniest reactions to the story.

This person said it best, though.