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People Spill Which Celebrity They Would Automatically Marry And Why (20 Posts)

As far as celebrity crushes go, I’m kind of a boring story: I haven’t ever really had one. They seem like people and I don’t tend to assume someone is “so amazing” because they’re famous. I think as far as I go is to think someone would be fun to hang out with and tell my best friend that Jenna Fischer or someone would be an excellent addition to our pretend celebrity friend group.

But I know a lot of people DO have celebrity crushes. Redditor u/eeenee recently asked r/AskReddit:

“What celebrity would you marry if they asked you to without any date prior?”

And it’s definitely worth a scroll through the responses!

1. Matt Berry

You mean Jackie Daytona from Tucson, Arizonia


2. Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman. He just seems like a really sweet man. And very easy on the eyes.


3. Isla Fisher

Sorry Borat, I taka your wife.


4. Gillian Anderson

I’m married, but I’ve discussed it with my wife already and she knows she’d have to accept her arrival.

My current wife would move into the Ex files.


5. Jason Momoa

My wife’s answer is Jason Momoa. I didn’t even have to ask her. She just announced it to me One day.


6. Bezos or Gates

Bill gates or Jeff Bezos. I’m not gay, but a billion dollars is a billion dollars.


7. Michael Fassbender

Yesss I loved him in the X-Men but my favorite is when he says “Is it alright if I go out speaking the Kings” in inglorious bastards


8. Henry Cavill

The man could ask me to drop my pants and they’d already be dropped before he could even finish the sentence


9. Paul Rudd

He’s already married, here’s his wedding video.


10. Eva Green

There are dinner jackets, and then there are Dinner Jackets. This is the latter.


11. David Tennant

I scrolled way too far to find this. The perfect man!


12. Oscar Isaac

I’d been waiting for a good Dune on screen for decades. Movie’s great, but turns out I was actuallywaiting for paralyzed, naked Duke Leto splayed out and still holding court with the Baron regardless. He looked like a goddamned Greek God.


13. Mads Mikkelsen

Did you know he is a professional dancer and gymnast? It’s how he met his wife. After finding this out, his posture, the way he Carries himself, and all of those very delicate and deliberate motions he makes in Hannibal, like in the cooking scenes, all made sense to me!


14. Brendan Frasier

Brendan Frasier. You can just tell he’s a good person all the way through.


15. Tom Selleck

He’s 40 years older than me and I would still climb his geriatric ass like a tree. Had a crush on this man since the 80s.


16. Cate Blanchett

Apparently her husband proposed to her after dating her for less than a month.


17. Rosamund Pike

Rosamund Pike. I’m all about that accent, despite the very convincing psychopath she played once.


18. Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reaves. He seems like he would be such a good husband all around.


19. Gillian Jacobs

Just the right mix of funny, weird, intelligent, and down to earth.


20. Chris Evans

A guy friend of mine is completely straight, but he always says “if Chris Evans wants you, you don’t say no”. So I’m agreeing with this one.