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A Pic Of Mark Zuckerberg In Far Too Much Face Sunscreen Went Viral And Became A Meme (26 Memes)

While the rest of the world struggles to survive a pandemic and the looming threat of a federal army disappearing people into unmarked vans, the rich keep riching it up. Few are richer than Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and he’s found the perfect way to ride the waves of societal discontent. By going to Hawaii and surfing the actual waves.

Zuckerberg Sunscreen Meme, White Sunscreen Face Mark Zuckerberg
Via Flickr/Anthony Quintano

A picture of Zuckerberg maintaining an awkward-looking balance went viral after the New York Post shared it on Twitter to accompany a story about him wearing too much sunscreen. I don’t know why, because the picture kind of says it all:

The picture is extremely unsettling for a lot of reasons. His bubble butt. He strange posture. And the eerie white mask created by the zinc sunscreen on his face. All of these reasons were joked about as the Zuckerberg Sunscreen Meme took over Twitter.

Some think it’s unfair to mock the man for simply protecting his pasty skin from sun damage. Maybe. On the other hand, he is slowly taking over more and more land in Kauai against the wishes of the native and local people there. If all they do is joke about his sunscreen-laden face he should consider himself very lucky.