Someone On Twitter Pointed Out That ‘GoT’ Is Just Live Action Shrek And Now I Can’t Unsee It

Good news, no Game of Thrones spoilers in this post!

Well, unless you consider having to bleach your eyes after reading it a “spoiler.” 

That’s your warning.

Still, want to see it?

This week, Twitter user @ohytargaryen posed a simple claim that may forever change the way you watch the show:

@OhTargaryen sadly doesn’t go on to back up his claims in terms of plot lines, but he does do the screen cap comparisons between GoT/Shreck justice. 

I mean…

You can’t deny the Tyrion/Sansa screengrab.

And Jaime is a dead ringer for Prince Charming.

And this is almost uncanny…


Arya as Puss In Boots? Perfection.



Podrick = Human Shrek? Definitely. 




And, someone even pointed out that Bran was in Shrek, too…

Sorry. Can’t say I didn’t warn you.

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