Mark Hamill Has Been Dropping Secret “Star Wars” Trivia For Years (23 Tweets)

11. He was acting so hard in the trash compactor scene that he burst a blood vessel in his eye.

12. Though it might seem like it, he doesn’t know everything about Star Wars.

13. He took scuba-diving lessons at an all-girls school for his scene in the Bacta tank

14. Carrie Fisher was both a goofball on set and a winter fashion icon.

15. Fisher also forced Hamill to model her clothes at least once.

16. When the cast hung out with Monty Python star Eric Idle, Harrison Ford couldn’t keep it together.

17. He still remembers his lines from the original Star Wars screen test that landed him the role of Luke Skywalker.

18. Frank Oz, who played Yoda, didn’t like other cast members doing Yoda impressions because it threw him off.

19. Alec Guinness, who played Obi-Wan, once slapped Hamill for calling him “Sir Alec” one too many times.

20. Hamill and Fisher would argue whether Luke, as Leia’s brother, should be considered royalty.